Friday, February 12, 2010

The bright ones

Hello everyone....Here are some photo's from the last 1-2 weeks. We had good rain once again and this is the time when these very bright Light Beings show up. Well, it's the only time when I see them. I hope you enjoy them, they are really aweinspiring.

I am noticing that certain colors are appearing with these now. Next you'll see a pink or reddish hue of color along with a light blue color. You'll see these colors even without the bright lights in one of them.

There are some newcomers, these rope like looking things. I have a few friends who often see some incredible ones in their photographs. I wonder what are they?

I think it's so neat when you see the reflection of an orb from the light of another. You can see the same in the second picture from above.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Time is drawing near
and more often I find myself
up among the stars
I am shedding
old make-beliefs
to make room for the new
The serpent
is awakening
and raw nature entering
The wild organic cosmic energy
brings me back
to a place I once knew
As I eliminate the veils
of illusions
the moment is filled
with possibilities
and I enter a place called

Be gentle with yourself...
Honor yourself,
as you are remembering
who you are

From Love we came
To Love we go...

Blessings of Beauty dear friends...