Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A random picture

Just posting a random picture that I took this morning. You see the small details inside the large orb? ( click on pic to get a good look ) they look like a bunch of other tiny orbs within the main one....that is one of the type of orbs that I see in the lens of the camera. Wishing you peace....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kindred Spirits

The Lighbeings (orbs) come to me in my dreams, so it is pretty clear that they communicate on every level.  They often show themselves as orbs in the dreams as well as during the day. Sometimes,  like last night, they will show up as a round shaped bright energy, very very bright in their own light, sparkling and glowing. The beauty they exude goes beyond words. It simply cannot be expressed, at least I haven't found a way yet.The latest "experiment" is that they will come and pose in a picture with me. I kindly ask them to first of course.
It is all about where I am at consciously. If I am in the "right place", then everything else will happen. If I over analyze anything, everything will stop. It isn't that it really stops, but it is me. If you are trying to make too much sense of something and analyze (which I tend to do often) you are not allowing the energy to flow as it naturally does. Your heart isn't open, but your mind and logic is dominating the whole experience. It does not work. Not for me. I am being guided to always open my heart, let my mind go elsewhere or stay "neutral", and simply enjoy the experience, the interaction. Joy is very very important in our lives, and it is also something we have come away from almost completely. Even more IMPORTANT than ever, to bring joy back into our lives, it opens our hearts, and lightens our beings, erases negativity.

The more Light you bring in to yourself, your life, your family and your home and everything else around you....well, the less room there is for the dark forces. Imagine yourself as a Lighthouse, as a torch burning bright, beaming light all around and all the way out into the universe....you're an anchor on earth, holding it firmly. Humbleness, gratitude, compassion are other important emotions that will help open the heart.  Being in contact with children, animals and nature will most definitely help bring joy in. They are excellent teachers in this department. They also help to ground the energies. Walk barefoot as often as you can....it not only grounds you, but it also helps to connect with your Earth Star Chakra.

I cannot see these Lightbeings the way they are portraying themselves in the photographs. But I do see or sense them within, if that makes any sense. However this is kind of interesting, if I am behind the camera, I can actually see them in the lens! I know, this is kind of mindboggling, it is to me too. Another thing to share about them is that they have humor! As you can see in the picture above, this is not a "typical orb", but more a mass of light energy. Then have a look at the ones below. This beautiful orb stayed with us in the backyard for 2 full days. I could photograph any time of the day and it would be there. It was a most beautiful experience, connecting with this being.

Up close.

I had a feeling of singing to this orb, which I did. Sound is very powerful and very uplifting. They told me to use the power of music to uplift energies in your home.

And here it is together with another orb...

" Anything you choose to create and believe - Is
Whatever you give power to - Becomes "

Thursday, January 21, 2010


"There is no right, nor is there a wrong,
only one way of Being.
This place is where we meet."

" Expand your Light! dear ones...

" If we ask you to delete the past and the future, then what is left?
The Present. Nothing else matters, nothing else...think about it for a minute, find it, stay there.
Stay in this very moment.
This, is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself.
Being Present
Connected with your
I AM Presence."

" You are a powerful and beautiful luminous Light Being "

" Everyday, make time for yourself where you quiet your mind,
find silence...and connect with your Higher Self, with God/Source of Light "

Saturday, January 16, 2010


In the end, when it comes down to it all......it's really all about LOVE. How much we have loved in our lifetime.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photo of the day

Here's our cat, Pele. She always, always enjoys it when I start photographing the Lightbeings in our garden. As soon as I start clicking away, here she comes and runs between my legs or rubs her body up against me. Alot of the time, my daughters and I enjoy sitting outside on a blanket and I will just start taking pictures, and Pele is always there. I am certain she must know what is up, that she can see....and I feel that she even helps in some way, her way, with the exchange of energies. It's really all wonderful.  Another evidence of Cosmic beings in our presence as you can see, above Pele. They constantly reinforce to me that we need to train our minds, in believing we are all One. There is no separation. Shred what we have been taught to believe, forget about all that, click delete. Unlearn what has been learned. Start fresh with these beginnings. What we used to know, what we learned had its purpose, but it doesn't mean we need to keep it. No. I find myself constantly changing, more so than ever....I will pick up a bit of knowledge here and there, whatever speaks to me, and I take it with me on the journey. When it no longer works for me, I let it go and go on to exploring new territories. Most importantly of all, I have found, is a strong intuitive feeling but also someone telling me; There is no need to search, all you need to know lies within. Stop. Slow down. Go within. Listen.
And  I know this, I know it soooo well, but yet.........it's another to learn how to stop and give yourself that time. We are the riches we are seeking.

"Do not underestimate your fellow animals. They are loving you, supporting you and helping you in more ways than you will give them credit for. Honor them by sending them Light, and acknowledging them, thank them and most importantly be kind and respect them. This will help their souls on their journey and to ascend. Keep in mind, that your pet dog, cat or bird or any other animal is of no less importance than yourself. Humans need to change their way of thinking. We are all One."

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We are all gems

This is what we truly need to start believing again....

Beyond the beauty of external forms, there is more here: something that cannot be named, something ineffable, some deep, inner, holy essence. Whenever and wherever there is beauty, this inner essence shines through somehow. It only reveals itself to you when you are present.

Eckhart Tolle

"...Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.