Friday, November 27, 2009


I have a tendency to use the word "they". What I mean by that is that "they" are angels, archangels, ascended masters, guides, guardian angels etc...I thought I would begin the very first post here by a message they gave me not too long ago. This appears to be something of great importance, according to these loving beings. They keep showing me this message with different words in different terms.

are not seprate from you
is an illusion
are the highest Luminous Flux
reflecting back to you
your own rainbow
your state of mind
your awareness"

At the time I felt as if it was a very personal message regarding my photography. Not only do I receive orbs in my photo's but I get alot of rays of different colors, that seems to shoot out from the sky, from the sun, through the veil that is rapidly thinning. Perhaps they reflect back to me according to my consciousness at the time I take the photographs. ( it shifts you know) But, I know this message is for all of us. Regardless whether we take photographs or not. Their hope is for us to change our way of thinking, that was is learned can be unlearned, they say. Remove our false impression that we are separated from God.

"All is in perfect divine order"


  1. Oh, Paula, I am warmed by the wonder of this breathtakingly beautiful blog! So much of your lovely spirit comes through here (obviously).

    This is so beautifully laid out, such gorgeous colors! What a fantastic job you have done. CONGRATULATIONS! You can feel so proud of your new creation. Just being here feels peaceful and serene to me and makes me feel uplifted.

    I do appreciate all that you are contributing to moving the Shift in Consciousness forward.

    Love, Light, and many blessings with your new endeavor! (((Paula)))

  2. Sandy, thank you, thank you!! You've put a huge smile on my face. I am happy to hear you enjoy it in here. :-)

    Love and Light!

  3. Åhhh...Paula! Vad underbart vackert..otroligt. Du är fantastiskt duktig :)

    All kärlek och ljus till dig.
    Kram Lillan

  4. Tack så mycket moster, det är så roligt att höra! Kram Kram!


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