Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Wave

I must share this which was written by my friend Niara Isley on FB. Please, do copy and share this, send it out to as many as you possibly can. Spread the word. Our Mother needs help, she needs as much healing and light as possible right now. Time is crucial!

The Wave (Heal the Gulf)Share

Today at 8:44am

Hello Friends,

This note is for everyone. I can only tag so many folks per note, but please share!

On one level or another, we are all being impacted emotionally about this oil spill disaster.

Yesterday I was out taking a walk in the southwestern beauty of where I live in Durango, CO. The trees are all leaved out, the Animas River is running high, with lots of rafters out there running the river, having a great time, playing, laughing. People were cycling along the river walk, mothers, parents out with their kids, walking their babies in strollers.

Sometimes I hate knowing as much as I do... about shadow gov't operations… but that aside, just being a good student of the sciences for so very many years. I don't have the luxury of ignoring what is going on in the gulf. I know the kind of devastation it could potentially create. I know the kind of environmental damage humanity has been continually physically assaulting the Earth with for over a hundred years, every year increasing it exponentially. I saw the writing on the wall at 17, 18 years old. I'm now 55.

So as I was looking around on my walk, I was wondering how the ecosystem I was observing will respond to this oily disaster once it works its way into the weather systems that move around the whole planet. Would the trees sicken and die? Will we be able to grow crops here of any healthy food any more? Will the Earth turn into a place of lingering pestilience, toxicity and slow death? Will we have any decent air to breathe as forests die off and under the water, the coral reefs are destroyed, along with all the plankton that make significant amounts of air to breathe? I love my children, but was I wise to have any, bring any into such a world? What of the sunny smiling playing children I saw on my walk?

I know we all, including me, blame and feel angry, even enraged at BP, oil corporations in general and at the shadow gov't. At secrecy that kept us on oil and coal-based energy when we know that other clean and free energy alternatives were available. Their feet must be nailed to the floor on this one and they must be held absolutely accountable. But to waste too much energy and time in blaming is not a luxury we can afford right now.

We have lived in a war paradigm on this planet for a very, very long time. War conducted by nations is a business of creating an enemy, particularly if they have something you want, and then justifying taking it and destroying them. Enemies are created to band one group of people together against another. But the war paradigm has become too costly to wage on our planet any more. If we don't, in the face of such a disaster as this Gulf oil spill is, rise to embrace the better angels of our nature, then we send a signal to the spiritually advanced beings who watch from their ships that we have not learned what they would wish for us to learn in order to become conscious parts of the galactic community.

It seems that this Gulf oil leak disaster is yet another huge fear in my life, and all our lives, to overcome. To deal with. To face and move through so that inspiration can enter. So that calm, clear, unfettered-by-fear thought can enter the arena and any possible positive action we can take can be undertaken. All the things I wondered about on my walk COULD happen. Especially if there is little to no resiliency left in our Earth's beleaguered ecosystem to mitigate this kind of damage. It could indeed become an extinction level event. What can we do in the face of this?

I consider myself a warrior. I wrote on a recent message thread earlier that as a warrior, I am a person who believes in action. As a spiritual warrior, I believe in right action. Violence or militant action is no answer. It's trying to defeat the enemy by becoming the enemy. Such a strategy can never work, it only ends in more violence. We must take non-violent action, as exemplified by Gandhi. Violence sends a message to the extraterrestrial races watching the world that we have not grown up, that the only thing we can think to do is return violence with violence, as we have been programmed to do for thousands of years. It's time to wake up from that nightmare. Time to evolve. Time to find a new way.


For here and now, the one new way that I envision I'm calling The Wave. Based on the power of intention work of Lynne McTaggart and Dean Radin's entangled minds research and others who are working to shed lights on the workings of consciousness and it's actions on the quantum field that WE create our reality from. Studies have shown that groups of people meditating in a city can bring down the crime rate. The more of the human collective we can mobilize for The Wave, the more impact. I'd like to see 5 million to 1 billion human beings participating in this on a regular, daily basis.

It's very simple. Wherever you are in this world, whatever time zone, at 9pm your time, take 5 minutes to visualize the oil in the gulf being cleaned up and out. Visualize it being vacuumed out, eaten by microbes, or just magically disappearing, leaving clean, clear, pristine water. Visualize the Earth herself shifting the crust under the surface of the water to seal any and all leaks, in the gulf and everywhere else. If people can turn the tide of cancer in their bodies and create “spontaneous remission” by visualizing the cancer being eaten up by their immune system cells, then as a human collective, sharing this whole world, we can collectively visualize this oil spill into remission.

This needs to be a monumental project, undertaken by huge numbers of the human collective… as I said, from 5 million to 1 billion. That much collective intentional energy from all of us can turn this tide. If everyone in their respective time zones does this, 9pm by 9pm, by 9pm, time zone by time zone around the globe, five minutes every day until we see change, this will create a continual wave of intentional healing energy around the clock on our world.

If you have not fully grasped the concepts of the quantum field, the observer effect, you may doubt this can work. Please educate yourself. At least watch “What the Bleep do We Know” or read “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot to begin to grasp the principles this kind of energy of thought and intention can work on. Study the work of Dean Radin and Lynne McTaggert. Make yourself a believer. And while you're educating yourself, tune in for 5 minutes at 9pm your time and add your energy to The Wave.

We are not powerless. We CAN make a difference. The illusion of space separating us from the disaster in the gulf, from each other is just that, an illusion, as quantum experiments showing the interconnection of seemingly separate particles have shown.

We can each empower ourselves to be part of the solution here. We don't have to wait and blame and stew in impotent anger about what BP/oil corporations or the governments of this world are doing or NOT doing. We can take positive, non-violent action. Express, share, honor your feelings by sharing on the page of this note. Email each other and share. We all have feelings of anger, fear and grief about what is going on. But we don't have to let it consume us, paralyze us and prevent us from taking this small positive action, spread out among so many of us around the world. We can share our feelings, draw strength, faith and hope from our sharing, and stand strong in our commitment to each doing our part to make change happen. It's our world after all. There are far more of us than those who seem to be in control.

Copy this and send it to everyone you know, get everyone on board that you possibly can.

I know there are other serious problems in this world, but this is the most serious problem we as humans face right now. The life of our entire Earth ecosystem is at stake. This is Earth in the ER… we have to stop the most life-threatening wound now, then we can address the others.

If we can awaken enough to cooperate together on this, then we may send a message to our star families that we have come of age enough, become aware enough not to repeat our mistakes of the past. They don't want to rescue unconscious children who will continue to make the same mistakes in the future. They may help those who have grown up and become conscious enough to understand their errors and are taking conscious action to correct them.

Please join in. Let's create this Wave of continuous intention to heal the gulf, to heal the oil leaks, heal the Earth's crust around the world, day after day, until we succeed.

Sending Love,



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