Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! 2010

Happy New Year everyone! I am including some pictures to enjoy from the last few days. Colors, like music, like love, is Universal language. However we all may interpret them a little bit different than someone else. That is the beauty. Our own Self will absorb any information , which is needed at the time. As you may have noticed, I tend to receive alot of violet color, particularly the kind as the one below. Take note, it has only so far showed itself in the same  kind of form and shape. It never fails, it always shows up, and there are days when that is all I get. I also recieve plenty of orange/reds with yellow/gold which only recently started to show more and more. Its very exciting. I also have days when I only receive the indigo blue color. Sometimes it is accompanied by a white stream of light. Another typical day can be when I receive no colors but plenty of orbs. Orbs that are milky and a bit "fussy", sometimes they are very delicate and transparent and you can only make them out by their outline. Then the others appeared, which have stripes of rainbow colors, sometimes they remind me of an abalone shell. They are very opalescent, and very beautiful. I have also taken note that in most pictures they tend to show up solo. Occasionally in two's.

May they bring you hope and peace within, knowing that we are never alone. Never. We are all part of the same strand of life, interwoven together, in the presence of our loving guides and angels. This is what we will be shown more and more as we near 2012. Miracles will take place. Be open!

Bright Blessings!

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