Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In the rain

Twice now, when it rains, I have met these wonderful new (new to me) beings of light. They really are fascinating to me. They range from tiny pinprick size, followed by a tail, to quite large. Sometimes they fly solo, and other times they are in groups. They are really bright and to me I percieve them, highly energetic and fast working....and my first impression of them is that they are of elemental nature? possibly? They have only shown up when it rains, when it's wet, and they seem to intensify when the wind picks up, as if the energy that is being created by the forces of do they. I feel a giggly, giddy type of feeling in my whole body when they are around. Happy! Of course I feel that when they other orbs show themselves too. But there is always something that is quite different with all of them.
The only difference with these little guys are that I noticed an occasional one with a color. A green, an orange that looked like fire, a peachy color to another....they are so adorable! I will show different ones just to give you an idea of how they "fly" together. Some I have enlarged a bit to give a closer look. Enjoy as you take their energy in....:-)  Here's you'll see how tiny some of them are....together with some other orbs. Click on each picture to enlarge.

's a closeup on the green ....

On occasion there will be a round and extremely bright luminous orb showing up like this one. Isn't it just beautiful?

I wonder if it is the same kind as this one that showed up in early one morning while I meditated on a blanket outside. I was told to take a picture.

Here's a picture from a few months ago, the first time they showed up. Just to show how they look in the dark.

" If your every single breath became a prayer,
you'd see atoms as angels and hear in each wind
the whir of Love's wings, and feel in each moment
the Beloved pulling you into his heart"

On a different note. These beauties grace my moments here....Thank you to the mineral kingdom. Powerful you are indeed.

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