Friday, March 5, 2010


It has been very still here. Around me, as inside. It is a very good thing, although I don't always feel it along with the restlesness. I believe that stillness is a fertile period,....a preparation for greater things to come. In the stillness period, I don't do much, think much or say much....I am simply Being. For a while the energies around me was so intense, and so much happening and progressing, ........I think it was a bit too much. Maybe? Because aren't we supposed to only receive what we can handle? I don't know....
Anyway, I figured I better at least post some photo's if nothing else....until something else comes up.
So here's a mixture of pictures to gaze upon....Enjoy!

And last but not least the sun. As you can see she isn't showing completely round. There's some neat energy shooting out. Lately I have found the sun and the clouds very very interesting, as well as the night sky. There is a feeling.....a feeling that we are soon to recieve some answers.

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